What is Watch Me Sleep?

Watch Me Sleep is a baby monitor application for Android and iOS devices.

What’s the difference between a Watch Me Sleep and a hardware baby monitor?

First of all, Watch Me Sleep is free. Secondly, it’s easy to use and has no excessive cabling. Finally, you will have all the changes you need to make to the application at your fingertips, without having to spend a lot of money on new hardware baby monitors.

Is Watch Me Sleep free?

Yes. Watch Me Sleep is completely free!

Where can I get Watch Me Sleep?

You can download Watch Me Sleep on Google Play and App Store.

Can I talk to my kid with Watch Me Sleep?

Unfortunately not. The device in preview mode only plays back the sound recorded by the camera.

Why can’t I hear the sounds in the baby’s room?

Most likely, the listening function is disabled. To change this, press the microphone icon. If the problem persists, please contact us at …. .

Do I need Wi-Fi to use Watch Me Sleep?

No, Watch Me Sleep also works on 3G and 4G networks. Although, it’s recommended to connect to Wi-Fi.

Can I use Watch Me Sleep on my tablet?​

Yes, you can. Moreover, you can use Watch Me Sleep on your tablet in two ways, as the viewing and the monitoring device.

Where should I place the camera device?

We suggest you to place the camera device facing the area you wish to keep an eye on e.g. a baby cot or a place where the child plays most often.

Is Watch Me Sleep secure?

Yes. No video data is stored on the server as it is transferred directly between the devices.

Can I use Watch Me Sleep on iOS and Android device in the same time?

Yes. Watch Me Sleep is cross-platform application. Thanks to this it is possible to use both: iOS and Android devices.